A "sockdolager" is a forceful blow, or an exceptional thing or person.

The Sockdolager is a very small publisher.

We publish genre fiction that's very good & mostly short. You can read some, if you like.


The third Sockdolager 
anthology has landed!

Check out You Gotta Wear Shades: Seven tales of brighter futures, from Martian camping to neo-Victorian improv to busybody robots, all available to read in their friggin' entirety for free right now. And hey, if you like them, you can buy a copy to take with you.

Featuring stories by
Alison Wilgus
Meredith McKenzie
Meg Belviso
Miriam Oudin
John Leavitt
Laura Blackwell
and Jenifer K. Leigh


Our first step down this mad path: The Ships We Sail

We got it into our heads that artisanal text-based malarkey was a racket we needed to get into. The Ships we Sail—an anthology of stories about romances on the move—is the delightful result of our foolhardy bravado.

Sockdolager Book Two: Puzzle Box

Our second venture into the wild and wooly world of publication features eleven stories across a delightful assortment of genres—and yet, somehow, they all fit together in the same tidy container. Open up Puzzle Box today!