Announcing our guest editor for Winter 2016: Rawles Marie Lumumba

Winter 2016 Special Issue: Women of War

Submission period: August 15th - November 1st

The Sockdolager is thrilled to announce that our eighth issue will be guest edited by author Rawles Marie Lumumba. She offers these thoughts on her chosen theme:

“Women of War” are so often those who have suffered, nameless and forgotten, in the fallout of others’ conflict. But they can also be women who have carved out their own ways to survive and to thrive. Women who have fought their own wars in fields both traditional and extraordinary. Women who are warriors in any or all permutations and conceptions of the word. What is your character’s preferred field of battle and how has she triumphed, persevered, succumbed, or all of the above?

Rawles Marie Lumumba is a Baltimore native, a writer of speculative fiction, and a voracious consumer of narrative in all forms. Her current project is a fantasy novel for teens, and her previous work includes Duskfall, a novella; Media Nocte, which appeared in our own Puzzle Box anthology; and comics scripting for "Avatar: The Last Airbender," since featured in The Lost Adventures. She can be found on Twitter as @rawlesmarie.

In addition to being an excellent storyteller, Rawles has impeccable taste, informed by a deep familiarity with a wide array of genres and mediums. She is a champion of fiction as a tool of social justice and a conduit for joy in equal measures, and we could not be more pleased to have her on the masthead for this issue.

Submissions for this special issue will open on August 15th and close on November 1st.

(Older submissions which are still under consideration as of September 1st will also be considered.)