Sockdolager Podcast Episode 5: Remember our Winter Issue?

Setting a record for delay between recording (February) and editing (May) -- at last! A new podcast! In which we discuss the final issue of 2015, which included eight fantastic brand-new stories about which we had a great deal to say. Please do laugh at us as we talk about nominating for awards season, a season which concluded several months past.

A bit of news: this summer we will both be at MidAmeriCon II! We definitely want to meet any contributing authors of ours who may be attending, and honestly, we'd love to meet folks who have submitted as well!

We briefly mention the Submissions Grinder in this episode, an excellent resource for short genre fiction writers looking for markets to submit their work to.

And at the end up the episode, we talk a little about our evolving sense of what kinds of stories we're looking for as we read through submissions, and what we're trying to accomplish as a magazine in the short fiction community.