Sockdolager Podcast Episode 3: Our Fall issue was GREAT

In which we discuss the many things which delighted us about our third issue, and both of us take turns realizing that a major story detail flew right over our heads.

We recorded this back before Christmas but are only now catching up for various Reasons, most of which have to do with streamlining how we edit our episodes. In addition to talking about all of our Fall 2015 stories we also discussed some of the books we enjoyed last year, but ultimately decided to split that off into another episode which we'll be posting later this week.

Read our Fall 2015 issue here!

Show notes:

Mike Reeves-McMillan's Gryphon Clerks novels
The true story of cannibalism on the Mignonette, and the trial which followed
Jason Kimble's other weird west story, Tall, can be read in this anthology
The Sockdolager's 2015 roundup post