About Us

The Sockdolager currently publishes a quarterly magazine of short genre fiction, most of it SF or fantasy and all of it excellent, in our opinion. The Sockdolager is edited by Alison Wilgus and Paul Starr, whose day jobs are making comics and editing Japanese light novels, respectively.


The Sockdolager came to be early in 2012. Apple had just released iBooks Author and seemed to be getting serious about positioning the iPad as a thing you’d read a lot of stuff on, and it got Paul to thinking.

“I should publish, like, an anthology,” he said.

Yes, you should,” Alison said.

So Paul told Alison and a handful of his other fictionally-inclined acquaintances, "Hey, if you’ll give me a short story to publish, I’ll give you fifty bucks." And The Ships We Sail was born.

The next year, Paul did it again with Puzzle Box. And a little while later, he followed it all up with You Gotta Wear Shades.

Paul had a story in Puzzle Box, and Alison had a story in all three of these, but increasingly we realized we wanted to turn this into a regular thing, casting our net a little wider—which meant that as much as we loved writing for The Sockdolager, we weren’t going to be able to publish ourselves in it anymore.

So you won’t see any more fiction from Paul or Alison here, now that we’ve dedicated our efforts to the editorial side of things. What you will see is the best, brightest adventure fiction we can find, four times a year. It will always be free on the site, but if you buy the ebooks, you’ll be meaningfully supporting independent genre fiction on the web—so please consider it.


You can help The Sockdolager pay our writers by purchasing individual issues, by subscribing via Gumroad or by supporting us on Patreon (where we've come up with some interesting ways to say "thank you" to our patrons). Every little bit goes a long way toward keeping the lights on around here.


These are our submission guidelines.

General inqueries (not fiction submissions) can be sent to heythere@sockdolager.net.

You can reach out to us on Twitter:
@essbang - The Sockdolager
@pts - Paul Starr
@aliwilgus - Alison Wilgus

We gave into the inevitable and can also be found on Facebook.